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Tamalpais High School Alumni

Ronald Lemley
Year: (1973)

Updated: 12/14/2010
Last Visit: 4/7/2011

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628 Baines Street
Sonoma, Ca  95476
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Things I've been doing lately:
My wife and I are both English teachers in South China. We live in Magdalena del mar Peru and we studied Spanish at the university of Salamanca, Spain.
My family:
My sisters live in Maine, Montana and Sacramento in order of age.My brothers still live in the area.
Life experiences:
Recently, I have been on television 8 times and I have been asked to sing songs for Chinese television. Visiting Machu Pichu, Chan Chan and Anghor Wat were all great.I still think that nothing surpasses Mt Tamalpais and I would spend the next twenty years up there if I could.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Hiking the mountain and going to Sausalito waterfront, sailing on the bay, body surfing at Stinson, eating Peyote up on Bolinas Ridge and hiking the ridge by moonlight. I also liked all of the concerts at the local clubs and hanging out with my friends.
My favorite things now:
I like simpler things. I go to sing at the Asian Karaoke KTV places. I have published two childrens novels and like to hike to mountain places and talk with Bhuddist monks.I actually do this a lot.I speak Mandarin and I have an MA in Spanish.
My favorite books, movies and music:
I love British movies and French and Italian movies.Spie movies are my favorite.
I work at:
Liuzhou China
My website:

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